Thanks, to everyone who attended our 30th Anniversary show June 13th at the Cutting Room in NYC. It was a celebration and you all responded to our call to help us defend and preserve the name of the band.

Thanks go out to so many….first of all, to all of you who made the show a full SRO-SELL OUT! The GREAT Gary “US” Bonds, Tom “Morty” Mortensen, Cynthia Tornquist and her DVD video crew, Steve Bernstein and Relix magazine, Allison, Tommy San Filippo, Matt, Scott Duryea, Tommy Williams, Elliot Negrin, Barry Waller, Gary Saint, Barry Waller, Fred Guarino, Dan Barton, Matt, Sam White & Jimmy, Timmy, Clint and Ani from the Deep River Band,- Avi Bortnick, Billy Robinson, Drew Young, Steve, Peter, Chip, Jo Jo and the staff at the Cutting Room.