At The Ritz
A sampling:

Adelphi University (NY)
Automatic Slims, (NYC)
Backstreet Blues, (NY)
Blackbeards (NY)
The Beach House (LI)
Catholic University (Washington, DC)
Columbia University (NY)
CW Post University (NY)
Drew University (NJ)
Emmett's Inn (NJ)
Fairfield University (CT)
Farleigh Dickinson University (NJ)
Hammerheads (NY)
Hofstra University (NY)
Hogs & Heifers, (NYC)
Hot Bog Beach (LI)
Jimmy Brynes (NY)
LIU CW Post (NY)
My Fathers Place (NY)
Neptune Beach Club (NY)

Scott, Doug, and Tommy

New World Home Cooking (Woodstock NY)
Northstage (NY)
Odyssey, (NY)
Pace University (NY)
Poets (NY)
Princeton University (NY)
RPI Field house (Albany, NY)
Rum Runners (NY)
Rumbottoms (NY)
Sloppy Joes (FLA)
St Johns University (NY)
Summers (FLA)
The Agora Ballroom (CT)
The Boardy Barn (LI)
The Mad Hatter (LI)
The Button (FLA)
The Chance (NY)
The Channel (MA)
The Chatterbox (NJ)
The Clipper (NY)
The Cutting Room (NYC)
The Dublin Pub

Marc and Doug

The Memory Motel (NY)
The Nook (NJ)
The OBI East (LI)
The Pinecrest, Woodstock, NY
The Pastime Pub, (NY)
The Red Lion (NY)
The Right Track Inn (NY)
The Wooden Ships Inn(NY)
The Ritz (NY)
SUNY Stony Brook (NY)
The Rock and Roll Cafˇ (NY)
The Royal Manor (NJ)
The Supper Club (NYC)
The University of Texas @ Austin (TX)
The Wooden Ships Inn (NY)
University At Albany (NY)
University of Conn @ Bridgeport (CT)

Mazarin/OK Club has been the support act, performed, or recorded with:

Gary US Bonds
Ritchie Canata (Billy Joel Band)
Jack Cassidy (Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane/Starship, SVT)
John Cippolina (The Quicksilver Messenger Service, SF All-Stars)
Rick Derringer
Danger, Danger
Joe Franco (Twisted Sister, Good Rats)
Ace Frehley (KISS)
Bruce Kulick (KISS)
Mountain (w/ Leslie West & Corky Lang)
Slash (Guns n' Roses)
The Average White Band
The Zen Tricksters
Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow)


Marc Mazarin - Plays GMS Drums, EVANS Drum Heads, Pro-mark Sticks  - Thanks Steve, Rooster, Pat and Louie!
Doug Mazarin -Plays Mesa Boogie Amps and Gibson Guitars - Thanks Les Paul!
Tom San Filippo - Plays Fender Guitars and Mesa Boogie Amps
Scott Duryea - Plays Stuart Spector Bass Guitars, Trace Elliot Amps and Mesa Boogie Bottoms
Tommy Williams - Plays Hamer guitars
Ani Azoto - Vintage Fender Jazz Basses, Eden bass systems
Jimmy Carr -Gibson Les Paul and Mark I Mesa Boogie
Timmy O'connell
Sam White - 1957 Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone, Hohner Golden Melody harmonicas, Korg 01R/W Music Workstation, Yamaha WX-11midi wind controller, Gemeinhardt flute
Jon Loyd
Elliot Negrin