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Week of July 1, 2002

Rehearsals at Roxy. Getting together to whip our songs into shape for our upcoming recordings. We rehearsed four songs. It's always strange to walk into a room with two 26" bass drums a 20" floor tom and forty rack toms. How come guitar players don't have that problem?

Hope to see you all at the Memory on July 20th and August 17th and then in Woodstock Aug 9th for our last show this summer at the New World Home Cooking Company. The August 17th show will have a special surprise guest guitar player for the night.

The band thanks all of you for your continued support!!!!!!! Thanks for your CD, Video and T-shirt orders!!!!!!

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June, 2002

"The meat of the summer" or "Who says there's nowhere to eat in Montauk at 5AM?"

I think that's what we'll call this, it's where we're headed.

But first a report on our first "pre-summer" show at the Memory. The June shows are always good out at the Memory they give us a chance to get our bearings for the serious insanity that July and August bring in Montauk. This show wasn't much of a warm up though rather it was straight to the hot plate and included a bunch of new experiences that had nothing to do with the Tattooed surfer ladies or the new fashion sense of wearing colored thongs that extend past the lowered waistline (what were they thinking?) or grabbing the microphones or flashing us (seen it). No, the memorable experiences had to do with Artie trying out my new drums, the new songs we played and the "special" 5pm cuisine of Salivar's at the docks.

For you drummer freaks out there I love my new special edition GMS kit. The 18" bass drum sounds like a cannon. If you want to see more GMS in action check out Louie Appel with Southside Johnny or Sterling Campbell out with David Bowie's band this summer. Buddy John "JW" Walsh is working with Sterling on this tour. For more info: gmsdrums.com.

June Memory set highlights included our first performance of "Rockers" with Tommy SF. He nailed it! This was a request and we just went for it. Margaritaville for the Parrot heads and Love train grooved. Once again Tommy SF torched the place and played some sweet dual leads with Doug. Mazarin song Three bullets is now a part of the summer working list and is one of the songs we are rehearsing for our upcoming recordings.

OK, Salivar's. For as long as I've been going to Montauk (and that's a long time) when we stop playing at 3:30 or 4am everyone says there's nowhere to eat on the point. NOT True! There's Pizza and there's Salivar's! What a special place it doesn't open until 2AM to catch the professional fishing crowd and late night folk like us. We had the burgers and breakfast. If you're hungry don't miss it. I'm told that the fried chicken is the specialty of the house but I'm going to rely on some local reviews from some trusted sources to bear that out. The staff was nice and patient to put up with our like. If you want to dine go to the Harvest but if it's 4 or 5am it's Salivar's!

May, 2002

We'd like to thank everyone who came down to the Bitter End to support our friend Michelle Penn. What a great crowd. Keep checking the site and for news of upcoming shows including a show at the Bottom Line as part of a new series to take place there (TBA).

Scott and I did the gig with Michelle and this gal ROCKS! The rehearsals, the show and the Volkswagen Radio Webcast (broadcast date TBA) were all a major smile. For more info on Michelle or to get her CD's go to michellepenn.com.

Thanks to Lou Appel for asking me to sit in and to the folks at Volkswagen for the greatest hospitality and commitment to new music. I love playing Percussion in addition to drums and vocals and being on stage with Louie is always a trip.

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Automatic Slims NYC Saturday night!

Well we thought this would be a great "warm-up" gig for our summer dates. It turned out to be an incredibly hot night with ladies dancing on the bar six at a time! This was the first show to be seen by my little nephew Sam and for him to see his daddy and his "Unk" perform. We played his favorite song (Three Bullets) and he appeared to take the whole scene in stride. What great stories he'll have for his four-year-old buddies. The first set was an hour and a half. We were having a great time so we just kept going. A great crowd, a bunch of party music maniacs just the way we like 'em.

It seemed like a cool idea. Fans of the band find a good reason to celebrate in this case the 40th birthday of Anna and Bill (We played their wedding in Montauk six years ago) then get a cool place, hire their favorite group and pack in 100 of their best friends with food an open bar and close the doors for four hours!

We had a great time and could have played all night if the neighbors would have allowed. Thanks to Kevin, Dave and crew at Automatic Slims for being "creative" and for their hospitality.

Special shout out to our lead guitar master Tom SF. Tommy was in top form on Saturday and smoked the place with his playing and singing. Our schedule really only permits us to play a few special shows a month and each one just gets better and better with our newest OK club brother Tommy. Actually since every show seems to be like these I don't know that we could survive booking many more each month!

Well it's on to Montauk. Lord knows they're no less crazy then the bunch from Slims.

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Set List at Automatic Slims 5/18 included versions of:

No Woman No Cry
Let it Bleed
The Joker
Like a Rolling Stone
Brown Sugar
Pride and Joy
Three Bullets
Next Time You See Me
Honky Tonk Woman
Feeling Alright
Squeeze Box
The Women Are Smarter
Wonderful Tonight
Got My Mojo Working
Three Steps
The Weight
Not Fade Away
Green River
Going Down The Road
I'm Free
One More Saturday Night